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Experience matters when producing a settlement documentary, mediation video.

When you hire someone to replace your kitchen countertops you want a professional that has been trained to do that work and has experience, not just a handyman who works on everything.

Mediation Video Edit PhotoFor producing settlement documentaries Larry White has that training, in fact he may be the only Certified Video Documentary Specialist in the city. Trained and certified by the American Guild of Court Videographers, Larry can help you determine if a settlement documentary makes sense.

Unlike a Day-in the-Life Video, a Video Settlement Documentary is not prepared to be presented in court as evidence. The purpose is to get the defense and insurance company to fully comprehend the pain and suffering that has resulted from their negligence, malpractice, or product liability. It is produced specifically to show the strength of the case and impress upon the defense that there isn’t a chance to win the case if it goes to trial. continues

 I was a little unsure about what to expect with Larry White. Some folks in his business are all "tech" with little or no creative input, while others aren't very tech savvy, but have good, original ideas. With Larry, you get both - he's a technician and a creator. He helped make the process easy and the end result effective. Larry certainly has my recommendation.

R. Brad Bolles, Attorney
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Responsive Web Design

3 in 1Certified Court Video is an example of a web site that works correctly on a desktop computer, tablet and smartphone.

If you are on a desktop computer grab the bottom right corner of your browser window and drag to the left. You will see the navigation change from desktop.css to tablet.css and then phone.css. One site serving up three versions, responsive design.

Certified Court Video QR CodeNext, type in CertifiedCourtVideo.com in your tablet and also smartphone or scan the QR code. Notice the completely different navigation on the phone version. Also, all the graphics are re-sized to fit. One set of content served three different ways.

Until you have a mobile version of your web site you can't take advantage of these wonderful QR codes.

Seminar Recording

Pierce Couch Seminar Binder ArtIf you just have a speaker for a business lunch or a multi day event Certified Court Video has the training and experience to help.

We have been recording day long seminars for Pierce Couch, one of the premier workers' compensation law firms in Oklahoma City for the last 6 years.

Each speaker gets edited to an individual DVD. If there is a powerpoint presentation each slide is converted to an image and edited in as the speaker is talking about it.

Speaker photos are then printed on each DVD and a small vinyl ring binder completes the package. If attendees purchase these from you our services can become an additional source of income rather than an expense.

Mobile Web Design

dgGriffin Reynolds Screen ShotIf your web site doesn't work on a smartphone you should consider changing that. Every day more consumers look for business information on their phones.

If your web site looks like a postage stamp on a phone most visitors will just leave. They won't take the time to tell you about it, they just leave.

If you were considering hiring this law firm would you spend as much time with the site on the left as the one on the right? Probably not. A webinar I attended recently said about 6 out of 10 visitors to the site on the left will just leave. Hopefully they weren't pay per click visitors.

The only thing you can read on the left without some extra effort is the name of the firm. The little red lines on the left are the "Se Habla Espanol" but without some pinching and scrolling you can't read it.

Whether you want to do a fully responsive site like this one or just have a mobile version of your .com site we can help.

I'm convinced mobile sites will be just like .com sites, eventually you will have one and if that's true why risk loosing business by waiting. You can see screen shots of some of the mobile sites we've done or visit ccvid.mobi on your smartphone.